About Me


Dana Johnson

Phone: 612.669.3317


American Sign Language, Child Development, Parent Education, Travel, Photography, Nutrition


Teaching License in Early Childhood and Family Education; Master’s Degree in Deaf Education; Certified Tiny Fingers Instructor


Dana Johnson is the person behind Tiny Fingers of Minnesota. She lives with her husband,  son and daughter in Oakdale, MN. She is a devoted mom and a dedicated homeschool teacher. She uses sign language with her own  children and piques the interest of other parents when doing so. Dana started signing as a young child after receiving a children’s book of signs. As a young adult she pursued American Sign Language (ASL) while earning a degree in Early Childhood and Family Education from Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. She then went on to obtain a Master’s degree in Deaf Education from the University of Minnesota. Dana taught Deaf/Hard of Hearing children for six years. She took a leave when her son was born. She enjoys teaching her children signs and takes great joy in watching them communicate with both voice and tiny fingers. She is enthusiastic about improving communication between babies and their caregivers. Dana teaches classes in Early Childhood at the college level.